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Autonomous Drone Face Tracking Using Computer Vision Python

Drone Face Tracking with Computer Vision

Autonomous Drone Face Tracking Using Computer Vision Python

The presence of a human face in a digital video frame is detected and tracked using Face Tracking Technology. This technology may be utilized in robots, as well as in computer and mobile applications.

Face Tracking, as compared to earlier biometric recognition technologies such as iris and fingerprint recognition, can provide higher accuracy in the context of facial recognition. It’s also been shown to be more secure and tougher to hack, making it a more significant component of security systems. It has a significant impact, particularly in applications such as access control.

Anonymous Drone Face Tracking

Retailers may employ anonymous face tracking to count visitors and monitor their movement around their establishments. This information may then be utilized to enhance shop layout, personnel, and shelf replenishment.

Digital signage companies may also employ anonymous face monitoring to figure out how many people are looking at their displays, who they are, and how long they spend looking at them. Advertisers may then utilize this data to improve their marketing.

We’ll program a drone to monitor a person’s face in this project. To achieve smooth movement, we will use OpenCV and a PID controller.

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