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Detection of COVID-19 through SIRI – A Great Initiative


Are you worried if you are COVID-19 infected? Apple has come forward to help you on this matter. Apple revised Siri to include information on the disease caused by the new coronavirus, COVID-19, for those interested. Users can ask the assistant questions like “Do I have coronavirus?” and will have symptom-based guidance.

Detection of COVID-19

Asking Siri about the virus, the voice assistant will inquire if you have any associated symptoms. People with serious symptoms are advised to call 911, while those who are not sure are told to isolate themselves. Siri connects to a telehealth app on the App Store in case you are struggling to contact a healthcare provider.

Advice from Siri to Detect COVID-19

Currently, this service is open only to US customers. Asking for advice from Siri would provide you with links to other information sites if you’re not from the US. Other tech companies, such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, have also introduced virus awareness services. Facebook has added to the top of its U.S. News Feeds a coronavirus knowledge center that communicates the World Health Organization and CDC knowledge while Google has developed an information portal. In the meantime, Microsoft launched an interactive map, and also collaborated with the CDC to create a self-check chatbot.

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