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Face Attendance System Using Computer Vision

Face Attendance system

Face Attendance System

Face Attendance: From social media to phone cameras, people are being recognized by their faces in images and video streams. Face recognition software is designed to match human faces to computer images. Pixel values ranging from 0-255 are ultimately recognized by a computer. Face recognition has been around for a long time in Computer Vision and has progressed through time. Numerous novel approaches for identifying and distinguishing faces have been developed by many researchers. There are several applications, such as user identification and verification.

In this project, we will learn how to conduct high-accuracy facial recognition. First, we’ll go through the theory and learn how to put it into practice. Then we’ll make an Attendance project that uses a camera to recognize faces and automatically record attendance in an excel sheet.


  • Check Camera
  • Capture Faces
  • Train Faces
  • Recognize Faces & Attendance
  • Maintain Excel Sheet


  • Python
  • OpenCv
  • Numpy
  • Pandas

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