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Face Mask Detection Using Deep Learning

Mask Detection

There are currently no efficient Face Mask Detection applications in the Covid-19 scenario which are now highly sought-after for means of transport, densely populated areas, residential districts, large-scale producers, and other companies to ensure safety. However, this function became tedious and challenge by the absence of large datasets of ‘with mask’ images.

Advance Face Mask Detection is a Python development that can be used to detect objects, people wearing masks or not. The device can easily detect masks or not masks with high accuracy.

Framework Used For Mask Detection


  • Auto Face Detection
  • Model is accurate
  • Auto Mask Detection
  • Used in real-time applications
  • It easier to deploy

Prerequisites Requirement

  • tensorflow>=1.15.2
  • keras==2.3.1
  • imutils==0.5.3
  • numpy==1.18.2
  • opencv-python==4.2.0.*
  • matplotlib==3.2.1
  • argparse==1.1
  • scipy==1.4.1
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