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Universal translation should be a commonplace in Mobile

Universal translation Buds

The universal translation is in tremendous development, both objectively and in wild ways such as Google Translate and DARPA. There will certainly be a translation in the cloud, with a vast range of language knowledge bodies gathered by businesses and governments.

Google pixel buds – A step closer to universal translation

Recently Google has launched its pixel buds worth 179 USD (about £140/AU$270) is able to translate about 40 languages and has a range of cool features, but they face some strong competition from other cheaper versions from Samsung, Sony, Jabra, and others. Google claims the Pixel Buds are sweat and water immune, and they will be perfect for use during workouts – but the manufacturer has not mentioned whether or not the earbuds come with an IPX rank. They even come with a space vent that will cause a little outside noise to move through the buds; this isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a noise reduction, but it should allow you to be aware of your surroundings and prevent the suction-like seal that is associated with in-ear headphones. The outer housings of the Pixel Buds are sensitive to the contact, enabling you to press to play and pause your music, and pinch to adjust the volume. To call Google Assistant, you’re going to have to focus on your voice. For Universal translation, it is connected to the google translate app in your pixel phone. That means you can summon the voice assistant hands-free, by simply saying “Hey Google”, or “OK Google”. You can then ask the assistant questions, for news and weather updates, or to carry out tasks, like calling a contact on your phone, and controlling your smart home devices. You only have to choose the language which needs to be translated and you are good to go. However, experiments show that efficiency reduces when there is noise around. In a statement, Google says that it is a test and will surely improve in future updates.

The newly released Google Pixel Buds app provides additional functionality such as touch controls, adjustable music, in-ear recognition, Google Assistant settings, and the Locate My Mobile feature. You’ll even be able to use the device to test the battery level of your buds.

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