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Best Machine Learning Tool-Google ML Kit for Mobile

If you’re a mobile app developer, then Google’s Android Team is bringing in an ML KIT that combines machine learning and technology knowledge to build more reliable, streamlined, and custom applications to run on a smartphone.

It brings powerful technology. Uses custom app creation tools or out of the box versions. The kit is an integration with the mobile development platform Google’s Firebase.

ML Kit is a mobile SDK with Google’s machine learning experience in an easy-to-use and efficient kit for Android and iOS applications. Whether you are new or experienced in machine learning, the features you need can be implemented in just a few lines of code. To get started there is no need to have in-depth knowledge of neural networks or model optimization. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced ML creator, ML Kit offers simple APIs to help you use your mobile apps with your custom TensorFlow Lite models.

ML Kit Features

  • Text recognition
  • Face detection
  • Barcode scanning
  • Image labeling
  • Object detection & tracking
  • Landmark recognition
  • Language identification
  • Translation
  • Smart Reply
  • AutoML model inference
  • Custom model inference
ML kit


With the support of Google’s ML technologies such as Google Cloud Vision API, TensorFlow Lite, and the Android Neural Nets API, ML Kit makes it simple to incorporate ML techniques in your apps in just one SDK. If you need cloud-based treatment control, mobile-optimized app models’ real-time capabilities, or the versatility of custom models from TensorFlow Lite, ML Kit makes it possible with a few lines of code.

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