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Best free Courses to kick start your career in cyber security

cyber security

So you want to save the internet from bullies, then here are some top free courses you can take to start your career in cyber security.

cyber security

Coursera is a popular forum for quality courses from top professors of the world’s leading universities. It is not free but you can apply for financial aid, if you cannot afford it. Follow the video in the provided link to learn how to do this Many tech giants like google and IBM offer cyber security courses at coursera. Below are some courses to begin your cyber security career.

1. IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity Specialization – IBM


Throughout the course you can learn principles about computer security techniques and procedures, device administration, operating system and database vulnerabilities, cyber attack styles and networking fundamentals. Awareness will also be built in key areas, such as encryption and digital forensics.

This specialization have 4 courses. Perfect for beginners.

2. Cybersecurity Specialization – University of Maryland


This training covers the basic principles that underlie safe systems building, from hardware to software through to the interface between humans and computers, with the use of encryption. Such principles are demonstrated by examples from contemporary experience and complemented by practical exercises involving correct equipment and techniques. Participants should develop a security-oriented mindset, a deeper understanding of how to think and construct structures against adversaries.

This training involves five different courses that will provide you with experience in various projects in the real world.

3. IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts – Google


This course deals with a broad range of Information protection principles, instruments and best practices. This addresses threats and assaults and the various ways in which they may occur. You will find detail of encryption algorithms and how to protect data.

4. Cyber security for business specialiation – University of Colorado


This training is intended to teach you the fundamentals of using protection for your business world in realistic computer security. This course is for people who want to understand security against attackers and other attacks to computer systems and properties. It is also for those who want the threats and attacks to help secure their networks to be recognized.

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