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Pakistani’s mobile data leaked on Dark web- Beware

Rewterz, a well known cyber-security company in Pakistan, found out about 115 million Pakistan’s mobile users data leaked to be on sale on the dark web. The experts analyzed the samples and claimed that the data contains personal information like name, mobile numbers, nic, and much more.

Data Leak Samples

Large sums of service charges are collected by these companies from their users. The questions are what are these companies providing in return? How can data of half of the population be leaked online and kept under wraps? Who are to be held responsible for this data leak?

This suggests that financially driven perpetrators of the threat in Pakistan are involved and that organizations are a target of these cyber attacks. The size of this abuse poses concerns on data protection and privacy in the telecom sectors, according to experts from Rewterz Threat Intelligence. This data leak may result from multiple breaches or a single breach, it is too early to tell right now. It is also unclear if any specific telecom operator or all of Pakistan’s telecom operators have fallen victim to that data leak attack. However, in the case of a breach, it needs for the information of the consumer to have been revealed. The breach could not have been revealed by these telecom firms because they are unaware of the hack or have purposely opted not to report it. It applies to customers who have published data leak details.

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