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Top 5 Best Ramadan Applications you must have in your mobile

Ramadan Application

There are few Ramadan Applications which we must have in our mobile during Ramadan some of them are listed below:

1. Ramadan Recipes

Recipe Book: Ramadan Recipes (Special Edition)

The most delightful hand-picked, mouth-watering, unique Ramadan recipes in one package. It is the best Ramadan application that includes nearly 300 tasty Ramzan recipes. Keep this Ramadan special and rejoice in your life by making these wonderful dishes. A must-have for the foodies for all the Muslims who are fasting this holy month. May Allah embrace your fast. Ramadan Recipes is an interactive magazine that includes 45 easy to make recipes specially designed for the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. It offers delicious recipes for the Sehar (Suhoor), Iftar and wonderful dessert recipes to please your guests.

This application includes following features:

  1. Detailed Recipe’s
  2. Support multiple languages includes Urdu, English, Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Turkish, etc.
  3. Contains gourmet cooking book
  4. Advanced search options
  5. Super useful tips for Ramadan

And much more…

2. Ramadan Times

ISLAMUNIA: Ramadan Times, Quran, Qibla, Prayer Times

This Ramadan Application includes following features:

  1. Prayer Times
  2. Ramadan Calendar
  3. Quran Kareem with Multi-Language Translation
  4. Audio Holy Quran
  5. Naats & Nasheeds
  6. Hadith Books
  7. Islamic Calendar
  8. Qibla Direction
  9. Weekly & Monthly Prayer Time as Yearly Calendar
  10. Dua’s for Daily
  11. Kalimas with Translation
  12. 99 name of Allah
  13. Fasting Times

3. Ramadan Applications for Duaien

Ramadan 2020: Prayer Time & Ramadan Calendar 2020

This Ramadan Application includes following features:

  1. Ramadan Calendar
  2. Sehar and iftar timing
  3. Ramadan time table
  4. Hijri calendar
  5. Prayer Times Qibla Compass

And much more…

4. Quran with translation

Bayan Quran

Bayan Quran Application Snaps

Bayan Quran is a very famous application which allows you to read quran with translation. The application includes the following features.

  1. Instant translation of Quran Words.
  2. Surahs with translation.
  3. Many reciters to choose from.
  4. Bookmark where you left.
  5. Prayer timings

and much more.

5. Application for Dua’s

Dua & Azkar

If you are looking for Dua’s and azkar for Ramadan then this is the right app for you. The application includes the following features.

  • Dua’s with respect to day times.
  • How to perform missed rak’ah.
  • Daily dua’s.
  • After Salah Dua’s.
  • Hajj Guide.
  • Timers.

and much more.

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