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Real Time Background Removal | Background Replace

Background Removal

Real Time Background Removal and Replace

Computer vision library OpenCV allows users to manipulate pictures and video streams, as well as do end-to-end tasks like object detection, face detection, and object tracking.

For real-time services applications, centralized cloud computing suffers from excessive latency. For privacy-conscious users, Edge Computing AI might also supply solutions. TensorflowJS (TFJS), a Javascript wrapper for Tensorflow, is one technology that is expected to contribute to this trend. TFJS enables the creation of AI apps that can be trained and predicted by the client.

The video’s background has to be changed for a variety of reasons, such as because there are so many other disruptions in the background or because the background color doesn’t fit the individual. In order to do this, we employ the real-time background replacement approach.


  • TensorFlow
  • OpenCV

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