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Top Machine Learning Tool – TensorFlow 2020

TensorFlow was first released in 2015 and is the easy to use and distribute open-source machine learning technology across a variety of platforms. It is one of the most well-kept and widely used machine learning systems.


TensorFlow, developed by Google to support its research and development goals, is now widely used by many businesses, including Dropbox, eBay, Intel, Twitter, and Uber.

TensorFlow is available in Python, C++, Haskell, Java, Go, Rust, JavaScript and most recently. Third-party modules can also be found for other programming languages.


TensorFlow offers a JS library which helps in the creation of machine learning. Its APIs are there to help you build and train the models.

I assume all lovers of machine learning who deal with machine learning applications know about the TensorFlow. It is an open-source machine learning library that is designed to help you build your ML models. That was created by the Google team. There is a versaceful tool, library, and resource regime for developing and deploying machine learning apps for researchers and developers.


  • It helps you build your models and train them.
  • You can also use the TensorFlow.js which is a model converter to run your existing models.
  • In neural networks, it helps.
  • A deep learning system with a complete span.
  • Train as well as create ML models with eager execution, easily using high-level APIs like Keras.
  • This software is open source and is extremely scalable.
  • We may also use the data flow diagrams to perform numerical computations.
  • Run-on GPUs and CPUs, and on various mobile computing platforms as well.
  • The model is implemented effectively and educated in the cloud.

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