Zoom users data at stake – Beware


Zoom seems to be guilty of leaking user data including email addresses and user images because of how communications are arranged by the app. It may also encourage some users to start video calls with a stranger because of the same problem according to a study by Vice.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that Zoom organizes users of the same email domain into Company Directories that allow people in the same companies to quickly search their peers, start a video call of them, and see pictures of their users and email addresses. Although this makes coordination easier, a program flaw has also been grouping users into client folders without corporate emails. It ensures that a potential stranger in a company directory might be granted access to everyone’s personal details, which is a major privacy concern.

It is not the first time the organization has come up against any pressure because of privacy and protection concerns. Zoom says “this maintains a blacklist of domains and identifies domains which have to be added periodically proactively.” Nevertheless, the problem remains and has been highlighted in recent weeks as well as other issues such as attendant monitoring.

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