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Vehicle Speed Detection | Tracking Using Computer Vision

Vehicle Speed Detection

Vehicle Speed Detection Using Computer Vision

Using OpenCV and Deep Learning, you’ll be able to recognize and track moving cars in video streams, and estimate their MPH/KPH using speed estimation. If you’ve ever been a pedestrian walking your dog, taking your kids to school, or walking to work in the morning, you’ve probably been hit by a fast-moving car driven by a distracted driver. 

Numerous people have to live in apartment complexes or areas where reckless drivers ignore the rules of the road and fly by at high speeds. We’re nearly impotent in the face of it all. Some drivers violate speed restrictions, crosswalks, and “children at play” signs. It’s almost like they’re attempting to catch some air when there is a speed bump.

As a further step, we’ll develop a computer vision system to collect timestamps of automobiles in order to determine their speed. With no human component, our system will depend on our knowledge of physical principles and software development abilities. To locate automobiles in a video stream at different checkpoints, our method uses a mix of object detection and object tracking. Our OpenCV speed estimate driver script will require a quick understanding of these topics.

Vehicle Speed Detection Features:

  • Detects vehicles in video
  • Tracks the vehicles
  • Estimates the speed of a vehicle and store

For installation read the Readme file from the download folder

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