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8 Open-Source Chatbots to Help You Learn More

Open-Source Chatbots

Today while browsing through different sites we come across many chatbots. There are many open-source chatbots available, which will help you give an idea of how do they work. Now it may not seem much of a deal but there is a lot going on. Different machine learning and deep learning frameworks are working to answer your queries. Awesome right. There are tons of tutorials available of which you can learn how to make your own, but how about if you got to see one in working with their source code available. Yes, below you can find links to some open-source chatbots.

1. Open-Source Chatbots – Cooked with NLTK

NLP has a major role in chatbots. To be able to reply to user queries a lots of sample data is passed through NLP models. To implement NLP from the core it is preferred to use NLTK python-based library to make implementation easier. Installation Guideline:

  1. Install NLTK by pip install nltk in windows cmd.
  2. Import and install the following packages.
    1. import nltk
    2. from nltk.stem import WordNetLemmatizer
    3.'popular', quiet=True)
  3. Run file “python“.

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2. Chatbot – Cooked with RASA framework

Rasa is an open-source AI platform for communication. You aren’t bound to a pre-build model or use case using rasa. You can adapt it to your case that can be a differentiator in the market. Rasa is not a rule-based system so you don’t have to think about putting your data in the cloud of anyone else. The chatbot provided in the link will give you an insight of making a chatbot with rasa framework

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3. Chatterbot – a conversational chatbot

ChatterBot is a Python-based machine-learning dialog engine that enables responses to be created based on collections of known conversations. ChatterBot can be trained to speak any language thru language-independent design.

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4. Medical Chatbot: for diseases discovery by discussion

This chatbot targets the discovery of disease a patient is subjected to by judging from the patient’s chat. Installation and running guidelines:

  1. Download dataset and place in the directory src/dialogue_system/run/ “.
  2. Run the following code ” python ”.

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5. Medical Chatbot: asks about health and books a doctor’s appointment on demand

This chatbot helps to book an appointment with the doctor. Installation and running guidelines:

  1. Run in cmd the following ” pip install -r requirements.txt “.
  2. Run ” “.
  3. Run ” “.

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6. Business Chatbot

Jasper is a corporate intelligence chatbot that can answer user questions about the data in a database by transforming the questions into backend database queries.

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7. Chatbot for Admission Process Queries

The admission process is a hectic one. A person may be subject to the same queries by the students every day. This chatbot is a lifesaver in this case.

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8. FAQ based Chatbot, that answer your Programming related queries

Programming is a wide subject there are millions of sites and institutions teaching this subject online. So there are millions of queries about different concepts every day. This chatbot can prove helpful as online instructors don’t have to answer every query.

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