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AerNos New Nano Gas Sensor (2020)


AerNos AerSIP is a 5 x 5 mm multi-gas sensor module with nanotechnology and machine learning algorithms to track the internal and the external air quality. The system-in-package (SIP) is an embedded plug-and-play solution that can be built into wearables, handheld devices, and other IoT products, and can detect dangerous gasses and other hazards at parts per billion.

AerNos nano gas sensor devices utilize a tiny sensor package to track several gasses concurrently at parts per billion (ppb) rates for indoor and outdoor air quality control, dangerous gas identification, and other e-nose applications. Air quality control for Smart Houses, Smart Towns, industrial buildings, transport, and other applications is actually hampered by the output shortcomings of established gas sensors. By detecting several gasses concurrently at ppb speeds, AerNos enables customers to solve different requirements utilizing a single sensor module or device.

AerNos multi gas sensor is versatile for different gasses and applications and will be available for order at CES. In addition to ozone and formaldehyde, AerNos multigas system applications include nitrogen, NO2, TVOCs, and other gases.

AerNos is built for high-volume development, AerNos nano gas sensor tackles the need for robust, accurate, and application-specific gas sensors for more than 50 billion connected devices worldwide, estimated by 2020.

AerNos will be demonstrating at CES 2020 at Sands Expo Booth 42137, 7-10 January in Las Vegas. To learn about AerNos at CES or to arrange a CES 2020 meeting, visit AerNos at CES.

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