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Pollen Robotics, Reachy Open-Source Interactive Robot to Explore Real World (2020)

Pollen Robotics

Reachy, developed by Pollen Robotics, is a fully open-source robot in collaboration with the INCIA Neuroscience Institute in France. Reachy makes AI&Robotics available to academics, experts in engineering, and creatives. It comes in different flavors to allow you to prototype and build your interactive real-world & service applications at once.

As the robot is open source, so much more is possible. The robotics modular design allows for all applications whether it’s food service, customer support, demos, or well-fashioned research and development. Deutsche Python is used by developers to develop various device applications. The system comes with integrated AI that allows developers to directly get into research meat without first training the machine learning part.

Reachy’s arm has free mobility of 7 ° and can be fitted with a variety of manipulators from catching clamps to 5 fingered humanoid paws, which is biologically inspired. In lieu of a specialist neck joint, the business had a Wall-E-Esque emotional display that allows the robot’s head to turn, pool, and tilt shock humanly.

Pollen Robotics, Reachy Features

The robot can be programmed with Python and uses various 3D printed inflatable devices and includes pre-pressed AI algorithms for a range of applications, from customer service to the treatment of elderly or disabled people.

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