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MultiLink Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology

It’s only the simplest ideas MultiLink Bluetooth Technology that can make the greatest difference. We all like our wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds. These resources do not create a vibrant atmosphere. What do you like, without bothering your friend, to show your friend the video?

Bluetooth Technology Launched

Monster has launched a new technology called Music Sharing that allows users to connect Bluetooth sound to a range of devices. The Bluetooth Headphones system provides new features, ranging from flight to training classes and new ways to communicate with society.

Historically, Bluetooth was built for isolated listeners. Built in collaboration with Wearhaus, the Monster Music Sharing product line enables many listeners to experience simultaneously. “There’s no decent way to listen to music or watch cinema with friends in a public place until now” says Rigie Zeng, co-founder & CEO of Wearhaus. “It’s not a decent way to listen to the music and to watch films with friends.

This platform redefines entirely how the headphones of Bluetooth should be a used-air voyage, health, family travel, and more. It opens whole new avenues of social interaction.

The Music Exchange program allows users to determine the audio signals obtained from the headphones in the same region and enables multiple music sources. “We are delighted to be partnering with Noel Lee and the rest of the Monster Team to support new projects,” says Chey Harmon, VP of Wear Haus Brand Collaborations. “The collaboration reflects the potential to incorporate this technology into a wide range of items.”

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