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Document Scanner Using OpenCV Python

Document Scanner Using OpenCV

Document Scanner Using OpenCV Python

The scanner takes a malfunctioned image, detects the document edges, uses the transformation viewpoint to see a document from the top-down, sharpens the picture, and uses an adjustable color threshold to clean the image.

An interactive Document ScannerĀ built in Python

We’ll use OpenCV to build a basic document scanner in this project. We’ll learn how to run it in real-time and how to save the photos with the touch of a single key on the keyboard. This is an excellent project for beginners because it is straightforward and covers the fundamentals of OpenCV.


  • Recognize the boundary
  • Use the edges of the picture to discover the contour (outline) of the scanned sheet of paper.
  • To get the top-down view of the document, apply a transformative approach.

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